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Embed a Picasa slideshow into

Posted in Internet, Wordpress by ths1104 on May 21, 2011

For security reasons, we removes the tags needed to embed a Picasa slideshow. You can embed it via VodPod.

Get the Picasa embed code:

  1. On the album page > Link to this album > Embed Slideshow
  2. Copy the embed code

Embed via VodPod:

  1. Go to VodPod for WordPress here
  2. Paste the embed code under “Video Preview”
  3. Click preview and check this is the right slideshow
  4. Fill up the fields URL, username, password and title
  5. Click “Send to blog editor” (make sure the pop-up wasn’t blocked by your navigator)
  6. Modify in wordpress editor and publish

Example: VacMaglev train article

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